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Product Knowledge / Good water games-Inflatable Seesaw is a good play for your children


Good water games-Inflatable Seesaw is a good play for your children

Children are fond of playing in swimming pools in summer. So there is no doubt that inflatable water games are becoming more and more popular among children. I’m sure that all parents would like to see their children have fun with those funning inflatable water games. Here I’m glad to introduce you a kind of inflatable water game------inflatable Seesaw.

Don’t you think it is humdrum for your children when they just play in the swimming pool with buoy? Don’t you want your children to have   more entertainment in the swimming pool? Of cause you really want! Then inflatable seesaw might be a good choice. Your children may be happy to play with his or her partner on an inflatable seesaw, which I think it will bring more fun and promote the friendship between them. With an inflatable seesaw the child will be more excited than playing other water games alone.

Inflatable Seesaw is made of 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin, the best material in China, which makes it waterproof and cold weather resistance. There is also no need to worry that your children would destroy it because it is durable and high tear strength. And you will find it cost-effective as your children play it in a long time without breakage. What’s more, inflatable seesaw has another two features, anti-static and heat-insulation, making itself safe enough for your children. After all, in addition to bringing fun to your children, your children’s safety also should be the most important thing we need to think about.

Besides, I am going to give you more information about inflatable seesaw. Its length is 2.8 meters, its width is 1meter and its weight is 16kg. As for color, you can choose what you want. If you buy inflatable seesaw, there is also repair kit of product, which can help your children play it in longer time. How cost-effective it is!All in all, inflatable seesaw is a good choice for your children for fun!

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