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Product Knowledge / How to Clean your Inflatable


How to Clean your Inflatable

With normal use your inflatable can become dirty and possibly unsanitary. Fortunately, the cleaning process is not difficult and with a small amount of effort your inflatable can be safely used for many years.
The following cleaning procedure applies to inflatable moon bouncers, jumping castles, bounce houses, slides and sports games.

Step 1. Inflate your item on an area suitable for allowing water to land. Avoid such areas with dirt or soil as this will make the pack up process more difficult. A clean, well drained concrete or grassed area is most suitable.

Step 2. Sweep or vacuum all dirt and foreign matter from inside the inflatable.

Step 3. Use a damp cloth with a small amount of detergent and wipe down all areas that are accessible. Use a second cloth without detergent to rinse these areas removing the detergent and dirty marks.

Step 4. Apply the same method to the outside of the inflatable, however a garden hose may also be used to rinse off the detergent and dirt. Use the least amount of water as possible to compete this task.

Step 5.. Maintain inflation until item is completely dry before packing away.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the cleaning process is undertaken in the morning of a bright sunny day to ensure sufficient time for the inflatable to be completely dry inside and out,  before packing awa.y.

Regular cleaning of your inflatable moon bouncers, jumping castles, bounce houses, slides and sports games will ensure enjoyable and safe use. 

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