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Product Knowledge / How to store an inflatable bouncer


How to store an inflatable bouncer

After you and your family have fun in an inflatable bouncer, I think you have a problem want to ask, that is how to store it. Fortunately you don’t need long term storage solutions, because its storage is very simple and there really is no right from wrong on this issue with the exception of moisture. To help keep your bouncers in good shape and ready for the next season, we suggest using the following examples and find which ones work best for you. 

PREPARATION -- First of all, you should inspect and clean the inflatable bouncer thoroughly before they are put away for the season or for any time. You should keep its inside and out completely dry before you do so. The webbing, straps, threads and netting all tend to stay wet or damp and do not dry as fast as the vinyl itself. So it is very important to keep the inflatable bouncers completely dry before storing. If you don’t do that, the damp/wet material can bleed and discolor the vinyl, cause mold or mildew, or start to rot and decay. After a few months of storage, when you open the bouncer and you will find you and your family can not enjoy it again. STORAGE AREA -- The pallets are the place for a lot of people prefer to store their inflatable bouncers just because of making them easier to move around if necessary. However, the most obvious reason is to keep them off the ground in order to avoid moisture or water if the storage location may leak, flood, etc.. 
It has been suggested that using packaging that absorbs moisture should be used for long term storage. However, there are no study or tests can prove its conclusive benefits or disadvantages are not readily available. Such a large item as inflatable bouncer may be cost expensive, if a bouncer is dried properly than this should not be an issue. If you prefer to use storage bags make sure the bag can “breathe” so that moisture can not form and be trapped inside the bouncer. This same reasoning applies with wrapping the bouncers in tarps, plastic sheeting, etc.. If moisture forms, it will likely persist and again you end up with an undesirable result.RODENTS/PESTS -- You can use a number of sprays, tins, pellets and other products to keep rodents and small animals away from the inflatables, and you should make sure it does not come in contact with any of the equipment so damage from chemicals contained in those products can be prevented. You’ll also want to avoid anything that emits an aroma, so the bouncer does not get permeated with that smell. No one wants a moth ball bounce for a rental. 
TEMPERATURE -- Temperature range does not really affect the storage properties, unless extreme heat can cause excess moisture or extreme cold will make a unit very hard to handle. In that case allowing it to warm for about half and hour to an hour would decrease the unlikely chance of the unit becoming too brittle and cracking from its cold storage. To recap, simply clean, dry, and allow it to remain moisture free and you should be perfectly fine. No matter which way you get an inflatable bouncer, if you want to use the inflatable bouncer for a long time, you should know how to store an inflatable bouncer. And I wish you and your family enjoy in the inflatables again.
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